Installing Your Own Window Graphic

Many of our customers prefer to install their own window graphics onto their vehicle or entrance doors, so we would like to give you a few brief tips to make your project easier. We will print your window graphic on an over-sized media to make your installation easier. We recommend using two people when installing. Make sure you are in a warm place, between 45 and 90 degrees F, so that the adhesive can bond properly. Also make sure you completely clean and dry the glass surface before installation.

Clean the glass surface

  • Use soapy water to remove any residue
  • Rinse the glass thoroughly, making sure there is no soap residue
  • Make you do not use any chemical based cleaning solution during this process


  • Unroll the graphic carefully
  • Position the graphic on the glass using masking tape to hold it up on the glass
  • Carefully remove the backing material starting from the middle, either top to bottom or left to right
  • Be careful not to stretch the material as you apply pressure to the film with a squeegee
  • To smooth out any air bubbles, gently peel the film off the glass and reapply as in the previous step

Finishing Up

  • Working from the center out, gently rub the entire surface with a soft cloth
  • Cautiously, trim all of the excess material around the window with a sharp razor blade

If you prefer not to go it alone, you can always call ImageSmith at 828-684-4512 or Contact Us via our website. We will be happy to perform the graphic installation for you.