Retro Print Artifact: Still Going Strong in the Bindery


Lassco-Wizer Model 20

So what is this thing pictured above, anyway?


A true workhorse in the bindery, this manual contraption has been going strong for an untold number of years. While there is no information on the piece to date it, the instruction panel on the underside does include “celluloid” as one of the materials that can be processed by it! To my knowledge, it has also never needed any major maintenance or parts replacement, and is still used in our shop today for small jobs… no internet or digital hookup needed. Heck, there’s not even any electricity needed – just a strong arm!


Lassco-Wizer Bindery Equipment

This is a manual corner cutter or rounder. Less expensive than a custom die cut, rounded corners can add some style to business cards, invitations or other print pieces by smoothly rounding off the corners after printing. This machine can be set for different degrees of roundness. On small quantities of a quick turnaround job, it is still earning its keep today in our bindery. In some cases, hand-finishing print is still the way to go!

Printed samples finished with rounded corners

printed label for bindery corner rounder


This particular model, which has no doubt paid for itself many times over through the years, is a Lassco “CorneRounder®”. Lassco-Wizer in Rochester, NY is still in the business of making quality industrial bindery tools like drills, paper joggers, perf-score-numbering equipment, staplers and press equipment. New models of their corner rounding machinery operate pneumatically on large quantities, yet they still produce a manual model very similar to this one above – though it appears to have a few more plastic parts these days.

True quality design and construction stand the test of time.



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