Dos & Don’ts of Office Graphics

Wall and floor graphics, POP signage, banners, suspended print signage, window clings, custom wraps of furniture or equipment… creative signage for the workspace or retail space can make a world of difference in successful branding. Here are some hints to help you start thinking about success with workplace branding:


There are plenty of tactics to employ when designing graphics to use throughout the workplace. Contrary to this, there is a plethora of ways to prove your buffoonery when creating those visuals. This quick overview will show some of the dos and don’ts of adopting graphics to advertise your business and promote workplace morale.

Wide Format Graphics
Using custom wall murals to visually brand your business. Image courtesy of:

Do! – Branding

Branding your business is a fantastic marketing technique that every business needs. Branding your company successfully should ensure that you are the first option that springs to mind when your customers need the services you provide.  It is important to ensure your branding tactics are both informative, yet visually pleasing enough to be remembered by your customers. Create that environment with custom wall graphics, floor graphics and any number or creative wide format print options.

Too much signage is only a distraction
Sensory overload is never a good design strategy. Image courtesy of:

Don’t! – Advertising Overload

Granted that it is resourceful, but one mistake companies make when designing advertisements is overloading the audience with too much information. A successful advertisement should stand out to your customer, while providing an effective amount of information – creating a desire for your product.

Motivational Banners for the workplace
Motivational banners to ensure workplace teamwork. Image courtesy of:

Do! – Promote Office Ethics

Everyone needs a little motivation within their workplace. Banners can be a great way to promote workplace values, assets, or policies. Pieces like this can serve as a reminder to promote morale within the office, and show customers the values you hold within your company.

Overall, when designing your office or retail space, strive to make a big impact yet an impact that will represent your business as a whole. Make sure to be creative with what you produce, because the last thing you want to do is to construct a design that will be easily overlooked.

Author Paul M. Thomas, guest blogger, has many years of experience in the signage industry.



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